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Introducing an ease and trusted source of transportation for all children. From pick ups and drop offs to DAY CARE, SCHOOL/ AFTERSCHOOL, SPORTS, EVENTS, AIRPORT,AND MORE… We do it all !¬†

How We Started

We are changing the inconvenience of children’s transportation. Bringing safety, light, and a helping hand to all parents around the world.¬†

Back in 2018, I was working at a soccer summer camp in New York City when at the end of the day parents had to leave their jobs midday in a frantic to come pick up their children. Many parents had one major complaint, not being able to get their children a safe ride back home due to unfamiliarity within the car services out there now. The pain I heard through parents‚Äô voices and faces opened my eyes to the cry out there for children’s safety and accessibility in transportation from point A to point B whether through car, bus, or on foot; the pain has not been solved.¬†

In April of 2021, God reminded me of the need as the covid-19 pandemic challenged the safety and accessibility of children’s transportation. Parents are having a tough time getting their children to school, sports, entertainment, daycare, etc. The need pushed me to step out on faith and start Nanny Transport, which is a children transportation corporation that is built on the foundation of integrity, accessibility and safety. We know there is a better way to provide peace of mind to all parents. One built on trust, faith, and service to our communities. We believe children safety through transportation can and will grow with a conscience of purpose; and succeed with a discipline of service. That is why we‚Äôve created a children only transportation service, Nanny Transport.¬†

We have heard the need and have provided a solution. Parents no need to leave your jobs to go get your children or worry about getting your 2 children to their practices at the same time. Nanny Transport are here for you and ready to serve anyway we can! 


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